Support Groups

These groups are open to anybody that had been affected by cancer, so this includes patients, carers, relatives and those who have become bereaved. If you would like to know specific dates for the support groups or any further information, please contact the centre.

MOT - Mens Cancer Awareness

When the Centre was first launched it was called Bosom Friends and the focus was more about women and breast cancer. That's no longer the case. In 2010 we launched a group for Men and have offered help and support to those that are worrying about prostate, testicular and other cancers. Our group provides the opportunity for men to be open and to talk about their thoughts and concerns. As well as talking about other interests that men may have.

We encourage men to discuss and share their experiences amongst others who are going through similar situations in a safe and friendly environment.

You may be interested in attending if:
  • You have a personal fear or worry about cancer.
  • You have been diagnosed with cancer.
  • You have a loved one or friend with cancer.
  • You really do not know where to turn for help and advice.
  • Or you just want to share with someone. 

The group is open to Men only (sorry ladies) and takes place once a month on a Wednesday at the centre. 

Contact us or call into the Centre for more details.

Back to Work evening sessions

Those returning or thinking of returning to work after cancer, are welcomed to come and meet up for a light supper on the first Thursday of each month from 6.30–8.00pm. It was set up by patients who wanted to support others in returning to work to share how they coped and what helped them.

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