Befriending Support

Befriending Services

What is a ‘Befriender’?
 A Befriender is a trained volunteer, who can offer a ‘listening ear’ and one to one support to someone who is in need.

What can a Befriender do for me?
A Befriender can provide support in a variety of ways:

  • Information giving 
  • Signposting to other services available 
  • Being an impartial listening ear 
  • Offering emotional support 
  • Help to alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness 

Why might I need to access the Befriending service?
At times in our lives we all encounter difficult situations when we may need extra help and support. This can be particularly helpful during times of stress, worry or fear, such as going through a cancer journey.

Who is eligible to have a Befriender?
A Befriender is assigned to anyone who is affected by cancer. Patients, careers and relatives can all receive extra support, if needed.
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